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Al-Qaeda is planning a new wave of attacks on Britain, security chiefs have warned.

Intelligence agencies are tracking FOUR plots to unleash carnage on our cities.

And they fear there could be up to a dozen more in the early planning stages. The terror operations are thought to centre on London and Birmingham.

Two are understood to be plans to launch devastating explosions in the city centres.

The intelligence services have less information on the others but fear there could be an attack on a POWER STATION, an attempt to poison WATER SUPPLIES or a bid to ASSASSINATE a top politician.

An intelligence source said one reason they were taking the plots so seriously was because there was foreign involvement—from Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Former Tory security spokesman Patrick Mercer, who has also advised Gordon Brown, said: “Because we have not been attacked since the handover of Prime Ministers last year does not mean to say that the threat has gone away. Not by a long chalk.

“The fact that our enemies have not been successful for the last 12 months or so is a real tribute to our security forces.”

The warning will bolster the government’s case to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge.



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