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Nineteen years ago I joined hundreds of thousands of Brits staying up for the night to tune in to a contest on the other side of the



On that night the outcome was never really in doubt despite months of hoping against hope.

That was Frank Bruno against Mike Tyson. Tonight I will again stay up into the wee small hours for another one-sided fight state-side. But this time - along with most of


– I will be cheering on the guy dishing out the kicking.

The wall-to-wall coverage starts at about 11pm here. But all day the hyperbole has been in overdrive. And I love it. The contest has been mesmerising so far. Only the hardest heart could fail to be stirred by the captivating Obama. Who doesn’t feel uplifted as we stand on the brink of seeing a black president?

The polls have already put Obama in the White House. He surely knows it is in the bag. His team have their eyes on winning 50% of the popular vote – a mandate Bill Clinton never achieved.

After a contest lasting almost two years, all will become clear in a few hours………..



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