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TAXPAYERS are forking out thousands of pounds for PARKING FINES run up by Cabinet ministers.

The bill for the last three years is a staggering £33,000—almost £1,000 A MONTH.

Officially ministers are meant to pay their own fines. But by exploiting a security loophole the tab is being picked up by YOU instead.

Hugh Bladen of the Association of British Drivers fumed: "Motorists will be outraged by this. They are already being fleeced left, right and centre—now they are having to pay for politicians’ parking fines."

Department for Transport figures reveal Cabinet ministers were hit with £13,930 in parking fines this year. That is on top of £7,540 and £11,928 the previous two years—all paid for them. At £40 a time it works out at one fine per month for EACH Cabinet level minister.

Transport Minister Lord Bassam admitted: "Parking tickets remain the responsibility of the individual."

But he admitted: "The government car and despatch agency pays parking fines incurred operationally in circumstances where the overriding security requirements necessarily dictate the choice of parking location."



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