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IT’S en-EU-gh to drive Maggie into a rage—for her hated enemy across the Channel is about to INVADE her old Tory stronghold.

Brussels bosses have splashed out £24 MILLION to snap up the Conservative’s for- mer Smith Street HQ near Whitehall in which the Iron Lady masterminded her greatest triumphs.

It means the European Union flag will flutter over the window where True Brit Thatcher waved to jubilant supporters after winning the 1983 and 1987 elections.

The pampered Eurocrats she loathed so deeply will stroll the corridors of her old domain—after spending more than £5 MILLION tarting it up.

And just to REALLY rub it in they’re going to rename the eight-storey building . . . EUROPE HOUSE.

“The EU is ripping the heart out of a symbol of Britain and Euroscepticism,” said Robert Oulds of the anti-Europe Bruges Group inspired by Thatcher. “It is an outrage that the European flag will fly above the window where Mrs Thatcher celebrated her election victories. She would not be impressed.” And Mats Persson of Open Europe added: “In the middle of a recession, taxpayers will not be pleased to hear that they are forking out for more lavish office space for EU bureaucrats.”

But the European Parliament and Commission say they need to move out of the four-storey London offices they rented for £165,000 a year.

They pulled out of using another building after being told they wouldn’t be allowed to fly the EU flag outside.

Fewer than 70 STAFF will work on the eight floors—yet Commission documents show the renovations will cost at least £5.2 million.

A document from the European Parliament reveals: “All finishes and technical installations are to be stripped and the building is to be updated.”

It seems their view of Maggie’s former den reflects what they always thought of HER government . . . totally outdated and in need of a total clear out.



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