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A TOP government adviser has defected to David Cameron’s Tory Shadow Cabinet.
Ex-banker David Freud was the architect of the government’s ambitious welfare reforms.
But now he will be given a seat in the House of Lords and place in David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet.
Mr Freud was initially brought in by Tony Blair to “think the unthinkable” ion getting people back to work.
But his plans were dismissed by Gordon Brown and he was then recruited by the Conservatives.
For them he came up with plans to make people work while on the dole and give health checks to everyone on incapacity benefit.
Those plans proved popular with voters, so Gordon Brown promptly poached them and appointed Mr Freud as his “Benefits Czar”.
But now he has swapped parties again after being wooed by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.
The move is a major coup for the Conservbative leader, who is trying to put together his own “government of all the talents”.
And it is revenge after seeing his own benefit reform policies stolen by the government.
A senior Tory source told the News of the World: “A lot of thought went into what to do after we were told we could appoint some peerages.
“David Freud will be coming straight in to the front bench and will be a massive asset for us.
“David and George have been talking to him a lot about welfare reform and the economy and he has extensive experience that will be a massive asset for us.”



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