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YOU have to hand it to Gordon Brown. Even now he has the Conservatives under his spell, regurgitating his dodgy policies.
Our PM says “tax the rich” and the Conservatives meekly follow. He says “ramp up debt” and the Tories propose the same.
So our nation’s finances are going to hell in a handcart and the only option is Brown’s policies. The question is who delivers them.
David Cameron has been busy giving speeches about “solving Labour’s debt crisis”. In truth, he’d make it WORSE.
In power he would OUTSPEND whatever he inherits from this profligate, squandering government. Every single year.
And how would he pay for this? By massive borrowing. By saddling families with more debt. Just like spend-thrift Brown.
A few weeks back Cameron came out with a poster of a newborn baby saying: “Dad’s nose, Mum’s eyes, Gordon Brown’s debt.”
“Every child in Britain is born owing £17,000,” says the words underneath. After four Tory years, it’d be £27,000.
Why? Because the Tories simply REFUSE to cut government spending using excuses like “it’s never been done before”. Well, we’ve never had a recession like this before. Never before has spending RISEN as it has in the last decade.
The public are way ahead of the politicians. Every household is making cuts and want to know: why can’t government?
The real fear, of course, is that if they cut spending then Brown will call them names. Weirdly, this still freaks them out.
How proud Brown must have been. Because right now, the richest one per cent pay 23 per cent of all income tax collected.
They pay their fair share—and the fair share of 22 other people. When the tax rate rises too much, the rich just b****r off. We saw this in the Seventies. But as a Tory peer told me: “Those too young to remember the Seventies are destined to repeat its mistakes.”
Yesterday George Osborne said Brown’s proposed 45p tax on the rich was “difficult to avoid”. Difficult if you have no imagination.
Experts say this proposed 45p tax will raise NOTHING. Because the super-rich will emigrate or work less. Just like in the Seventies. It’s not a real policy but a trap, brilliantly laid down by Brown to see just how gullible the Tories are. The answer is “very”.
Next week, Cameron is going to Milton Keynes and Preston to do a roadshow and talk debt. It should do him good.
In the real world, people will fairly quickly suss out that the Tory v Labour difference on the economy is mainly rhetorical.
He’ll be asked: “You talk about Labour’s debt. How much would you cut it by? What, nothing? Not even a penny?”
Hopefully, his tours will encourage him to tear up the “no cuts” pledge and come up with his OWN economic policy.
Because Brown’s plans lead to financial disaster.
And Cameron, of all people, should know that by now.



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