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DOWNING Street are to be sued for libel over the Sleazegate emails.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown could be hauled into court after his special advisor, Damian McBride wrote a series of emails libelling top Tories.

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has now instructed solicitors to issue writs on Downing Street and the former spin doctor, who resigned when the News of the World revealed the contents of his sleaze campaign.

Last night Ms Dorries told the News of the World: “I have instructed a solicitor and legal proceedings are going to start. I’ve been advised I can’t say anything else.”

However, other Tory sources revealed Ms Dorries has asked her lawyers to sue McBride AND Downing Street because the now notorious e mails were written on a Number 10 computer.

In the e mails, McBride falsely slurred Dorries, 51, a divorced mother-of-three, and another Tory MP.
McBride entitled his email “the mystery of Nadine Dorries” and added “I’m told by a witness that both MPs received a carpeting.”

But the story was completely untrue and Dorries was furious after Downing Street initially claimed the e mails were a “joke”.

At the time she blasted: “I don’t regard the fact that Damian McBride, who takes his instruction from and reports directly to the PM, attempted to destroy my reputation, career and my life as a joke.”

She declared she was going to consult lawyers.

In a bid to limit the damage, McBride resigned and did not receive a pay-off after almost a decade working for the PM.

He apologised, describing the emails as “inappropriate” and “juvenile”.

And then Gordon Brown sent Ms Dorries a handwritten note which said he said he regretted the incident but did not use the word “sorry.”

He only said sorry almost a week after the e mail story broke.

On Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions, Ms Dorries challenged the PM to apologise.

Other Tories kept to their seats, forcing the Speaker to call the Mid-Bedfordshire MP to quiz the PM.

She said: “Would the Prime Minister like to take this opportunity to apologise to me for what happened?”

The Prime Minister replied: “Yes, and I have said sorry that this has happened. I have also written to the hon. Lady personally.

“We should all say that what happened has no part to play in the politics of this country.

“It is wholly inappropriate and unacceptable, and that is why there will be new rules and procedures to govern the behaviour of political advisers.”

But now the scandal will rage on.

Ms Dorries’ solicitor’s letters will be sent to Downing Street and Mr McBrde early this week.

She has decided to sue Downing Street because the e mails were sent from a Number 10 e mail account.

However, the PM’s special advisers are personally appointed by Gordon Brown.



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