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BNP chiefs and election candidates have bombarded internet sites with a string of vile racist messages that will SICKEN voters.

Despite orders to portray themselves as a respectable party in the run-up to this week's elections, one candidate wrote a chilling warning to immigrants, "Speak English or die," on his Facebook page.

The rantings from Gary Aronsson-who is BNP leader Nick Griffin's running mate for the European Parliament in the North-West-even included the grim Nazi SS death's head symbol.

Party legal officer Lee Barnes posted a video of US cops beating a black suspect, describing it as "brilliant". And senior election organiser Jeffrey Marshall wrote vicious comments about the death of Tory leader David Cameron's disabled son.

When challenged that his views made him either a Nazi or a Marxist, he replied: "Nazi for preference".

West Midlands Euro candidate Russ Green said ethnic minorities must never be let into the BNP.


And one key party figure posted on his blog a report of a teenager's fatal stabbing in East London, adding: "Another teen stabbed in c**n town."

Another wrote: "What's good enough for Hitler's good enough for me."

The revelations will infuriate leader Griffin who instructed members not to express extreme views.

Anti-racist campaign group Searchlight said: "They have tried to hide their agenda of racism and hate and failed."

A BNP spokesman said: "We will investigate these accusations."



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