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"IT’S not too bad — no-one’s been arrested. And just wait until all the Tories’ butlers and swimming pools come out."

That was the desperate response from a senior Labour minister last night.

A blinkered view that shows how bad things have got inside Downing Street.

They know they’re being beaten to death over expenses, the recession and Smeargate, but they’re clinging to the hope that the Tories will soon take a clobbering.

Instead of saying sorry, ordering his MPs to stop all outrageous claims and drawing a line, the PM is forced to justify giving cash to his brother for a cleaner.

And his minions are so deep in the Downing St bunker they can’t see their own doom. MPs of every party are being exposed for greed bordering on corruption.

Unsurprisingly, our poll shows the punters pin the blame on MPs—but they also point the finger squarely at the PM.

In contrast, David Cameron has forced his MPs to publish their own expenses.

It shows a degree of leadership and direction that is obviously absent from Downing St and may be vital in the polls.

This week Brown will try to show how busy he is—fighting the recession and storming around the country.

It won’t make a blind bit of difference.



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