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VOTERS trust the Tories more than Labour on public services, a new poll revealed last night.
In the latest blow to Gordon Brown voters thought schools and hospitals would be better under David Cameron — saying Labour had wasted billions ploughed into improving them.
The YouGov poll for the Policy Exchange think-tank showed that 29 PER CENT of people trusted the
Tories most to deliver value on public services, compared to 19 PER CENT who favoured Labour
And 26 PER CENT trust the Tories most to provide the best quality public services, compared to 23 PER CENT for Labour.
The Tories also won when voters were asked which party was more likely to protect the quality of public services from spending cuts by increased efficiency. That is a major coup for Mr Cameron as public service cuts look set to be the key battleground in the general election.
There was more bad news for Labour with most public sector workers saying little of the extra spending had gone on improving the quality of service for the public.
Policy Exchange Director Neil O’Brien said: “These figures suggest the government has completely lost the faith of the public when it comes to the effective delivery of public services.”



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