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DAVID Cameron is secretly studying a £35 billion cuts plan that would AXE thousands of civil servants and SLASH government waste.

The Tory leader has gone back to a “Taxpayer Value” review ordered six years ago by his predecessor Michael Howard for ideas on where savings can be made.

 It is just one part of a massive war on waste as Mr Cameron finds savings to tackle the UK deficit without damaging frontline health and defence services.

He has ordered aides to comb the 173-page James Review, produced in 2004, to identify ways to shore up the UK’s finances.

Mr Howard called in troubleshooter David James — the man in charge of closing the Millennium Dome — to come up with a plan to save taxpayer cash ahead of the last election.

The Tories lost, with voters rejecting the need for savage cuts in the boom times. But Cameron believes speeding up the reduction of the deficit is crucial to kick-start a sustainable economic recovery.

He has also hired private consultants to seek out other ways to cut public spending.

He has asked experts from the Boston Consultancy Group to check through every area of government to find waste that can be chopped.

The James report identified £7.9bn of savings at the HEALTH Department, with a 35 per cent cull of civil servants and sale of £171m assets.

In EDUCATION it pinpointed £5.7bn savings with 2,700 civil servants and 881 Ofsted school inspectors axed. The review found £12bn to save at the DEFENCE Ministry, with a 15 per cent cut in civvy staff, and £1.2bn at WORK & PENSIONS, where changes included privatising JobCentre Plus.

The BUSINESS Department would list quangos to be killed off and get rid of 3,395 staff, saving £186.5m. And the TREASURY would also see swingeing staff cuts, saving £661m.

A Conservative spokesman said: “We know savings are there to be made. Our approach will be based on changing the public sector culture so the war on waste is entrenched at the heart of what every government department and agency does.”




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