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GORDON BROWN’S crackdown on immigration was branded a sham last night after secret plans to slash Border Agency staff were revealed.
Only on Wednesday the Premier boasted Britain had one of the best border controls in the world.
But we can reveal that 48 hours earlier, an email was sent out to senior UK Border Agency staff revealing up to a THIRD are to be made redundant.
The message from personnel chief Joe Dugdale revealed plans for voluntary job losses because of “ongoing reductions in asylum intake.” The cuts will take place in Croydon, Liverpool, Sheffield, Kent and London.
Mr Dugdale insisted frontline services would not be affected but Border Agency offices at key ports including Dover have been told they will no longer man immigration desks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A senior member of staff told the News of the World: “This is being done to save money, pure and simple. They want to get rid of 30 per cent of staff. Hundreds will lose their jobs.
“There are thousands of people hiding at Calais waiting to get in and terrorists are trying to smuggle bomb parts.”
Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling fumed: “Can we actually believe anything Gordon Brown says any more?
“He was told off by another watchdog for using misleading statistics on immigration, now this.
“For Gordon Brown, what he says in public and what he does in private are clearly two very different things. It’s a sham.”



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