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TORY leader David Cameron yesterday warned that a hung Parliament with a Labour/Lib Dem government would be a disaster for Britain — and predicted both parties will play dirty in a desperate bid to keep him out of Number 10.

Mr Cameron said: “We’ve had Lib-Lab pacts in the past and they were spectacularly unsuccessful.

“There were strikes and the country nearly went bankrupt. To get the economic recovery, to pay back the debts and get real change we need a long, stable Parliament.”

Speaking in Thurrock, Essex, he warned that behind-the-scenes haggling in a hung Parliament could result in a Prime Minister emerging who was not even party leader at the May 6 poll.

For Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is set to demand Labour topple Gordon Brown BEFORE he considers joins them in a coalition.

Mr Cameron, who took time out from the campaign yesterday to attend his sister Clare’s wedding with wife Samantha in Berkshire, said an indecisive result would lead to “bickering, horse- trading and arguing” at Westminster, holding back the change Britain needs.

He said: “You should hold office because the people vote for you, not because your party stitched up some deal. That’s the sort of real change you get from a decisive Conservative government.”

The Tory leader said he expected the last surge to win voters would be full of personal attacks.

He was furious at a Labour poster with mock photos of him pushing Tory colleague William Hague in a wheelchair — echoing the images of him pushing his disabled son Ivan before his untimely death.

The Tory boss raged: “They’ve run out of ideas and have nothing to offer. They started off trying to scare people with cancer, disgracefully.

“Then they started trying to scare old people and they have been found out. Who knows what they will do next? They are the acts of desperate people.

“They have run out of ideas and what to say. They have nothing offer. They are tanking in this election so nothing would surprise me.”

Mr Cameron signalled he would be spending the final 10 days of the election campaign targeting Labour seats in a bid to capitalise on Gordon Brown’s continuing slump in the polls.

Labour hold Thurrock with a majority of just over 6,300, but long-standing local MP Andrew MacKinlay is not standing again and the Lib Dems got just 10 per cent of the vote in 2005.

Mr Cameron used the trip to outline a new plan to BAN Gordon Brown from taking office as Prime Minister. He said PMs who take charge in the middle of a parliamentary term should be required to hold a General Election within six months.

Mr Cameron said: “For the last three years we have had a Prime Minister who nobody ever voted for.

“Do you remember Tony Blair saying, ‘I’m going to serve a full third term’? Then a couple of years later we got Gordon Brown. And boy, have we had Gordon Brown.”

Three of the last five Prime Ministers — Mr Brown, John Major and James Callaghan — inherited power in the middle of a parliamentary term, rather than winning it in a general election.

Last night Shadow Chancellor George Osborne confirmed that the Conservatives are now changing their campaign to target Labour’s safe seats.

He said: “Labour’s collapse has opened up new opportunities for us.

“We are expanding our battleground against Labour in the coming week and now have a good chance of winning many more seats where they are haemorrhaging votes.

“In many seats Labour seems to have given up.”



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