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NICK Clegg yesterday branded Gordon Brown “irrelevant”, insisting he will refuse to prop him up if the election ends in stalemate.

The Lib Dem chief warned he will insist the PM stands down as a condition of any pact to keep Labour in power.

Senior sources within the party say he will demand a share of Cabinet posts and equal status in any coalition government.

And Mr Clegg went further yesterday by signalling he would demand Mr Brown’s scalp as a first condition.

Asked about striking a partnership with the PM, he said: “I think that’s a complete nonsense.

“I mean, how on earth? You can’t have Gordon Brown squatting in Number 10 just because of the idiosyncracies of our political system.”

He added: “Labour is increasingly irrelevant. The questions about what would happen is one in which the Labour party plays no role.”

David Cameron last night left the door open for a Tory coalition with the Lib Dems by refusing to rule out talks over changes to the voting system.

Pressed on whether he would act to stop the Lib Dems teaming with Labour, he admitted: “We think this is an important issue.” His remarks suggest he would put voting reform on the table in any coalition talks.



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