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The Labour Party’s manifesto will be dominated by business and the economy, starting with the title “No return to Business as Usual.”

It will be divided into three chapters on rebuilding the economy, strengthening communities and restoring trust in politics.

Written by Ed Miliband, he says it “meets the big challenges facing Britain with proposals that are ambitious but affordable, bold but realistic, and which learn both from what Labour has done well and the lessons we take from our experience to date.”

Her says there are no big new spending commitments but instead there will be a promise that ”every penny (is) to be used wisely and, as present plans make clear, to give the maximum protection to frontline public services.”

Labour say they will build a “smarter and a more ‘value-for-money’

government in tougher economic times.”

And the manifesto’s introduction says: “This is the moment to show greater boldness in response to what Britain has gone through and the toll it has taken.

“This is a moment to reject a “business as usual” mentality because we have to rebuild and rebalance the economy, as well as renew our society and politics.”



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