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Screen-capture-11  The News of the World can reveal that there will be no BNP supporters in the audience for Thursday's debate.

Members of UKIP and the Green Party will also be excluded.

The main parties have stitched up a deal which means Labour and the Tories will both have equal numbers of supporters in the studio audience and the Lib Dems slightly less.

Another 20% will be officially "undecided".

A source from the debate organisers told the News of the World: "This is a debate between the major parties, not everyone.

"They were all keen to ensure no-one else has a platform."

But the decision is now likely to provoke official complaints from the other Parties.

They are all being given the chance to broadcast their own party political messages after the 90 minute debates.

But a UKIP source told the News of the World: "If you walk into any pub in Britain you will find a UKIP supporter.

"So the idea that this audience is a balanced cross-section of society is a complete joke.

"If they go ahead with this plan we will be writing to the Broadcasting Standards Authority to complain."



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