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THE BROWN framily have already started house hunting in Edinburgh as Sarah Brown tries to prepare her husband for life beyond 10 Downing Street.

At the end of last month, the Browns were warned they would have to move out of their family home in North Queensferry, Fife, when Mr Brown leaves Number 10.

The police teams that provide his security warned the property, on a quiet suburban street overlooking the Firth of Forth opposite Edinburgh, would be too difficult to provide security for on a permanent basis.

At the moment, the Browns are only there for occasional weekends and holiday trips.

Now estate agents and some of Mrs Brown’s close friends have been quietly searching for suitable homes in Edinburgh’s exclusive New Town area.

And they have already found a potential home close to Bute House - the official residence of current Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

It is the first evidence that Mr Brown has even started to contemplate life beyond Downing Street.

A friend of Mrs Brown told the News of the World: “Gordon and Sarah will be heartbroken to leave Queensferry.

“But they are both anxious to ensure they get away from their current life, where they are constantly ferrying the children around the country, and build something more stable.”

At the moment, Mr Brown’s oldest son John goes to school in London.

But Mr Brown has frequently spoken of his strong attachment to Scotland.

And Sarah Brown said: “Everyone knows Gordon. It’s the place where we go to just be a normal family.”



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