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PAMPERED MEPs have squandered almost £5MILLION jetting off on junkets.
The Brussels politicians have clocked up more than 14million air miles — the equivalent of flying to the moon and back 29 TIMES.

Their tough jobs have taken them to paradise spots such as the Maldives and the Caribbean, staying in top hotels with time off for sightseeing.

Britain’s Glenys Kinnock is queen of the jetsetters, topping the list by travelling a whopping 143,000 miles, costing taxpayers almost £60,000.
The new study — based on EU documents — by the Open Europe think-tank shows MEPs have spent £4.7million on official trips since 2004. That is on top of the £91,163 A YEAR each gets for “normal” travel expenses.
Lady Kinnock quit last year, but not before she had jetted off to the likes of St Lucia, Barbados and the Seychelles.
And the foreign “work” of Brit Euro MPs Robert Evans, James Nicholson and Nirj Deva took them to the Maldives via Sri Lanka.
Siân Herbert of Open Europe said: “It seems ridiculous that while the EU faces economic crisis, MEPs jet to far-flung destinations and stay in luxury hotels.”
Lady Kinnock said: “As co-president of an assembly with 78 African, Pacific and Caribbean states, my role required a large number of meetings and official visits.”
A spokesman for Mr Nicholson said: “Jim dealt with Australia, New Zealand and the US so attracted more foreign travel.”



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