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Samantha Cameron, glamorous wife the the new PM, is scaling down her job to spend more time as a Mum and First Lady.

The creative director of posh London stationers Smythson today announced she going to cut down on work.

Sam is four months pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

She said: “This is a personal decision made when I discovered I was pregnant and one that I have been considering for some time during what has been an understandably difficult year.

“As a creative consultant working two days a week I will be involved in all the same areas as before, however I will not be directly responsible for them.

“I look forward to my changed role and balancing it with my new day-to-day life as well as being able to spend more time with my children.”

Over the next few months Mrs Cameron is expected to be at her husband's side when he jets to Washington, Paris, Berlin and possibly Tokyo.

During the election she took as leave of absence and was at her husband's side almost every day as he toured the country.

She is also supervising the cople's move into Downing Street, where they will live with their children in the flat above Number 11, Downing Street, which was home to the Blair and Brown children.

At the PM's first press conference yesterday, the Brown family's playhouse and trampoline had been removed, but will soon be replaced with the Cameron family's own materials.

Mr Cameron is also expected to take over the veg plot started by Sarah Brown last year. Mr Cameron is a keen veg grower who has won prizes for his carrots and courgettes in the past.

Sam had previously said she had "no plans" to give up her job when her husband is prime minister. The couple had three children but the oldest, Ivan, was severely disabled and died last year aged just six.



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