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THE CONSERVATIVES’ biggest fundraiser is to publish a devastating attack on Prime Minister David Cameron.
Lord Ashcroft, who has given the Tories more than £5m, is writing his own version of the inside story on the General Election campaign.
And the News of the World has learned the former Conservative Deputy Chairman and Treasurer will slam Mr Cameron.
Friends say he will accuse the Prime Minister of being the worst leader for decades - and will blame him for throwing away a 20 point lead in the Polls.
One told the News of the World: “We may have a Conservative Prime Minister, but Lord Ashcroft believes the election campaign was a disaster and that the blame lies with David Cameron and his coterie of advisers.”
Aside from being their biggest donor, Lord Ashcroft ran the Tories’ campaign in the marginal seats that they hoped to take from Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
He gave £123,464 to the Tories in the final months of the election campaign.
But he was increasingly marginalised by other senior Conservatives and no longer has a major role in the Conservative Party.
Lord Ashcroft will say his campaign was thwarted because of problems inside Conservative Central Office.
He will slam the decision to put David Cameron alongside Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg in the three TV debates.
And he will say the Tories’s central campaign idea, about creating a “Big Society” failed to work.
Lord Ashcroft also believes the Tories failed to campaign on key issues like immigration, where too police to Gordon Brown and failed to secure enough favourable coverage on the BBC.
A senior Tory close to Lord Ashcroft told the News of the World: “There was a tight circle around David Cameron and George Osborne who made decisions which were totally out of touch with what potential voters wanted to hear.
“They were not convinced by David Cameron and we had too few concrete policies to pull them in.”
Lord Ashcroft is expected to publish the book himself.
He owns 25% of Biteback Media, which in turn owns 85% of Biteback Publishing.
The book is expected to be published this autumn.



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