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Perhaps it needed a Dimbleby or a Boulton.

Cam's first PMQs passed without incident. But it was a little lacklustre.

Cameron won't mind that. He was capable and adept if uninspiring. Maybe it was always going to be sombre given the events in Cumbria.

But there were none of the fireworks of a Brown or Blair PMQs.

He managed a decent line in keeping with his agenda on Labour's waste - the revelation that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport blew £140 per person over three years on cut flowers and pot plants.

On the opposition benches Harriet Harman passed the test. Her main attack was on anonymity for rape defendants. Again, she did enough, but it hardly roused the rabble.

Team Cameron insists it was a deliberate strategy. No bluster, just answers. If he doesn't know the answer he won't make it up. But where was the promised gimmick that got us flocking to the chamber?

In the end Cam passed the test. It wasn't the theatre that PMQs can be. But he didn't falter. And that is probably just enough.



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