Our top Xmas gifts


NINTENDO have played second fiddle to Sony and Microsoft in the console wars in recent years, but the Wii is set to change all that. It’s the first truly interactive gaming machine and is the ideal way to get kids and adults of all ages playing this Christmas. Costing just £180, it360 comes bundled with the hugely addictive Wii Sports and is this season’s must-have gift. Ds_lite

Hardened  gamers will prefer Microsoft’s XBOX 360, which continues to amaze with jaw-dropping games like Gears of War and Call of Duty 3 among its key titles.

For handheld fans, the Nintendo DS Lite looks pretty in pink and is far more rewarding to play than Sony’s PSP.

To get your hands on a Nintendo Wii at a great price, click here and for great prices on the Microsoft XBOX 360 console click here. The Nintendo DS Lite is available from www.game.co.uk or, for a list of retailers click here.

Ipod_1 MP3 player. Apple’s iconic iPod is still the kiddie. The 80GB version is well worth the £249 price tag. But if you’re after a smaller player, go for Creative's Nano-beating Zen V.Plus. It features video playback and photo viewer and comes in a range of colours. The iPodZen_1  (pictured above) is  available from www.ukdigitalcameras.co.uk or, for a full list of prices click here  And you can buy the Zen (pictured right) here or find a full list of prices click here

K800i Mobile phone. Sony Ericsson's K800i (pictured left) is the phone of the year. The 3.2megapixel camera and easy-to-navigate menu speak for themselves. But for music freaks, Nokia's 8GB N91N91 (pictured below)  in black is unbeatable. For fashionistas - Cath Kidston's Nokias or LG’s Chocolate are a must. Check out the buys at www.foneplanet.co.uk and compare K800i prices here, N91 prices here,  Kidston prices here and Chocolate prices here

Macbook Laptop. It’s a toss-up between Apple's MacBook Pro  (pictured left) which oozes style in a “white” way and the Sony SZ3 Vaio which shines in a darker way. Go for the 15.4"-inch Apple with iLife '06 software, built-in iSight camera and Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Vaio The 13.3-inch SZ3 (pictured right) packs in TWO graphics chips, is more portable, does everything the MacBook can do, and has a long battery life. See www.apple.co.uk for more and comapre prices here Log on to the Vaios at www.sony.co.uk and compare prices here

Bose_1Speakers. Nothing comes close to the Bose Sound Dock for clear, crisp sound. The latest version, in a high-gloss black finish, seamlessly integrates with all iPods that have a dock connector. It’s compact and has a remote. A snip at £249.
You can buy it here here  And you can compare prices here. For other Bose products see: www.bose.co.uk

Tomtom Satnav. The TomTom 910 is the numero uno. It has a four-inch display, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, text-to-speech and audiobook playback. Oh and it also has pre-loaded maps for the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada on its 20GB hard disk. The next version will probably drive your car as well. Buy one here And compare prices here

Camcorder Camcorder. Sony's HC3 Handycam hi-def video camera records 1080i HD video in HDV format - which means excellent video quality. Auto focus, exposure and “easy” mode make it simpler to use than a lot of rivals.  Buy one here and compare prices here

Ixusxmas Digital camera. The Ixus 65. Six megapixels and a Canon lens for as low as £170 online make this unbeatable value alone. But the styling, touch-control dial, 3x optical zoom, 16 shooting modes and easy-print button also make it the best compact camera out there.
Buy one here and compare prices here

Pearl_1 Mobile email. Anyone addicted to their emails won’t be able to live without this Blackberry. The Pearl’s white glowing mouse button, easy-to read screen, and sleek, phone-slim looks will give any geek a bit of well-needed chic in the New Year. Free on some contracts.
See www.blackberry.co.uk for more info and compare prices and contracts here

Epsonxmas Projector The EMP-TW620 is an HD ready projector that offers premium quality projections ideal for all film enthusiasts, gamers and generally anyone who wants to capture the unique cinema experience within the comfort of their own home. It is capable of projecting a mammoth 60-inch image screen size onto a wall or from only 1.8 metres away, making you feel part like you’re part of the action. And Epson’s horizontal and vertical lens shift technology guarantees perfect alignment so the picture is always crystal clear. Not only is it packed with features, the charcoal coloured casing evokes pure style within the home environment and is guaranteed to get your guests talking! See www.epson.co.uk for more and compare prices here

Regza_1 Telly. Toshiba's Regza LCD TVs give Sony's BRAVIA range a run for its money. The Regza is HD-ready and the first telly to offer three HDMI inputs, meaning you can hook up an XBOX 360, hi-def camcorder and HD-DVD, without always having to change the plugs. The 32-inch looks great at £1000. For more info see www.toshiba.co.uk and compare prices here

Top Ten Games: 1. Gears of War - XBOX 360 2. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - XBOX 360 3. Call of Duty 3 - XBOX 360 4. Football Manager 2007 - PC/Mac 5. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Nintendo Wii 6. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz - Nintendo Wii 7. Need For Speed Carbon - Sony PS2 8. Lego Star Wars II - Sony PS2 9. Final Fantasy III - Nintendo DS 10. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - Sony PSP All games are available from www.amazon.co.uk <http://www.amazon.co.uk/



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