The iPad has landed

From Trevor Davies in Regent Street, London (on my new iPad!)

TWITTER god Stephen Fry was among the first to welcome the iPad to Britain this morning at the Apple store.

As sales staff wildly whooped and cheered customers, he compared the event to a Lady Gaga gig.

Asked if the iPad was any good he said: "Of course, there wouldn't be all this fuss if it wasn't."

He told Gadgits that he already had a Wif-Fi-only version from America but was looking at a 3G so that he could Tweet from anywhere

Predicted sales for the iPad are in the multimillions over the next few years with as many as 1 in 4 Brits considering a switch to the new tablet format.

Ipad goes on sale

Deafening screams and cheers could be heard coming from the store as the first few customers left clutching their prized new possessions - some smiling broadly, others appearing somewhat bewildered by the applause.

A team of security staff monitored queues outside as people waited behind a cordon to be allowed into the packed store.

Some weary-looking fans, who had been camping out on Regent Street since the early hours, appeared grateful as they were served refreshments and gradually inched closer to the store.

Edward Cook, 25, from Greenwich, south east London, said he was "thrilled" to have finally got his hands on one of the gadgets, following a 10-hour wait.

"I'm very excited but also quite tired. I've been here since 2am. For me it (the iPad) is a novelty toy. The novelty may wear off but for now it is quite exciting."

Apple was forced to push back its original late April UK launch date because of "overwhelming demand" for the iPad in the US.

The company's website is already warning that iPad pre-orders made now will not ship until June 7.

Apple sold more than one million iPads in the US in the first 100 days after the April launch, making it a faster seller than the iPhone.



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