Virgin launches cash-prize video game site

SIR Richard Branson today launched Virgin Gaming, an online arcade for console players to compete against each other for cash prizes on top PS3 and 360 titles.

Games include Halo 3, FIFA 10 and NHL 10. ModNation Racers is promised soon.
After a brief registration, in which you can use your existing PS3 or Xbox ID to validate the process, you are then asked to deposit 25 dollars, although I was given 50 points (giving me a balance of ten dollars)  for joining.

Tournaments on offer include a game of FIFA 10 with a  $10 entry for a possible  $28 "jackpot".

As you progress through challenges, you build up a reputation through feedback.
And you meet up potential challengers in the relevant lobby for your console.
Virgin aim to giveaway $1million in prizes over the next year.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Richard Branson turned up to the E3 video gaming convention in LA with the cash in hand, hoping to spark a worldwide rush to sign up for big cash prizes.

This will be a welcome earning opportunity for the more skilful gamers.
But it will be interesting to see if it can make any kind of dent in Xbox Live's 23million-member multiplayer environment.

Sir Richard said: "Gamers want something new, something interactive and something fun.
Virgin Gaming is just that - access to play the best games in super competitive tournaments with anyone in the world and win the biggest prizes and the most rewards."

 "Giving away over $1 million in cash and prizes this year is proof. We've had great success with Virgin Games and Virgin Interactive Entertainment and recognised the enormous potential of an online community of 40 million daily users.  I welcome gamers from novice to expert to join the online Virgin Gaming community."



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