Apple opens new giant store
STILL not managed to get an iPhone 4 yet? Get yourself down to Apple's new store in Covent Garden, London, on Saturday.
It's their biggest shop in the world, so more room for stock than ever before. And, though I haven't been to all of them, it's probably their most beautiful too.
Situated beneath the arches of the Piazza, a city landmark, it has rooms devoted to showcasing products and demos as well as the Genius Gar for giving advice.
"We are thrilled to open a new store in this amazing location in Covent Garden," said Ron Johnson, Apple's senior vice president of Retail.
 "Our store on Regent Street is one of the most popular and successful Apple stores in the world, and we think the people of London will love the new Apple Store Covent Garden just as much."
The store opens at 10am, but expect queues, so turn up early.



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