Flash apps could close app store

CAR giant Nissan has joined the smartphone Flash battle by adopting the Adobe video format on its latest app claiming it could lead to “the death of the app store”.
Launching the world’s first Flash application for mobiles, Nissan’s European digital manager Gareth Dunsmore said: “By working with Digitas to create the first Flash enabled app, we believe we’re shifting the boundaries of how the public can download content on to their phones and pioneering future industry development.
“Indeed, this could even lead to the death of the app store.”
Android 2.2 phone users can obtain the Juke Power-Up app by visiting www.jukepowerup.com. Apple have stated they will not allow Flash on the iPhone. And Microsoft's new Windows 7 phones are believed to be non Flash-friendly.
Mr Dunsmore added: “We’re always looking at innovative ways to engage with consumers and showcase our latest range of vehicles, such as the Juke.”
The app is an attempt by Nissan to emphasise their record of design-led motoring innovation.



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