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MAVERICK Tory Dan Hannan branded supporters of the NHS as Loony Lefties yesterday . . . just as Conservative leader David Cameron was describing the service as “a fantastic fact of British life”.
In an internet outburst the Euro-MP ridiculed defenders of the system — saying that if healthcare is free, CARS and FOOD should be.
Hannan has already sparked fury by describing the service on American TV as a “60 -year mistake” and saying that he “wouldn’t wish it on anyone”.
Despite being slapped down by Mr Cameron — who said he was “100 per cent committed to the NHS” — Hannan broke off from his holiday in France to pour more oil on the flames.
Writing on his internet blog he said: “After 10 years in the European Parliament I have found that the only foreign admirers of the NHS are those on the serious Left.”
And he claimed that widespread national support for the Health Service was “partly based on the false premise that free treatment for the poor is a unique property of the British model.”
He added that, in that case, “why shouldn’t the State allocate cars on the basis of need, with rationing by queue? Or housing? Or food?”
Meanwhile Mr Cameron stressed he had “a lot of personal experience” of the NHS service because of his disabled son Ivan — who died earlier this year.
The service was “a fantastic fact of British life”, he said.
“In every NHS hospital, every surgery, every clinic you will find the best of human nature — warmth, kindness and humour. That’s why we love our NHS,” he added.
 Labour’s Lord Mandelson tore into Mr Cameron over his NHS defence last night, labelling him a fraud. He claimed the Tory leader said one thing in public and another in private.



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