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BRITISH drivers have been clobbered by bigger petrol price hikes than any European country — apart from crisis-hit GREECE.

Prices have rocketed by a staggering 33.5 per cent to up to 132p A LITRE, new figures show.

The average price of unleaded has jumped from 90.6p a year ago to 121p.
The eye-watering rise is more than double that of most European nations.

In France prices have gone up 16.68 per cent, in Germany 15.07 per cent and in Italy just 12 per cent, according to the AA’s monthly report.

The only country to suffer higher hikes in the past year is Greece at 53.05 per cent — and they’re teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Despairing British motorists are now planning a mass boycott of pumps just days before the General Election. A Facebook campaign has mobilised half a million to stage protests on May 1.

Five tax rises on fuel and VAT have added around 10p to a litre since December. An average two-car household now shells out an extra £600 every year on petrol.

Last night the RAC called on the next government to do more to help — as a poll of 7,000 members revealed drivers want prices cut as the No 1 priority.

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said: “The response from our members clearly shows they’re looking for a fair deal.

“Petrol prices are at a record high, hurting family budgets hard during these tough economic times. Now Britain’s 32million motorists want to hear what the political parties will do to help ease the tax burden.”

Angry drivers are also furious that the government is using them as a cash cow but refusing to improve roads. Motorists pay a massive £50BILLION in tax every year, but just £9billion of that is ploughed back into roads.

In the RAC poll, drivers said improving local roads plagued with potholes was second on their list of priorities, after cutting fuel prices. Just one per cent are happy with current spending.



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