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GORDON Brown’s bigot gaffe has seen him BOMB in the battle to woo Britain’s mothers.

It seems that the nation’s mums were not impressed with his attack on innocent Gillian Duffy.

Labour support has slumped from 24.1 per cent two weeks ago to just 20.81 per cent in a poll of 2067 people by parenting website Netmums.

The Tories and The Lib Dems are neck and neck, with Cameron party on 25.16 per cent and Clegg’s on 25.44 per cent.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said: “As we’ve seen earlier this week, this is an election battle where anything can happen. And since we last asked our mums who they’d vote for, many have already hinted at a change of mind.

"Now only narrowly trailing David Cameron, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has shot from nowhere, thanks to his impressive TV debate performances. But with five days to go, and one six mums still undecided, who knows what lies ahead. There’s still everything to play for.”

And in a further blow to Brown’s self-esteem Britain’s mothers revealed they would shun him in a poll to find out who they would snog, marry or avoid.

A whopping 80 per cent said they would avoid him and only 6% would give him a kiss.

Meanwhile it seems the girls were swooning over dishy Nick Clegg – even if they didn’t want him as Prime Minister.

A whopping 52.8% wanted to snog the Lib Dem leader while 42.7% thought he was marriage material.

David Cameron shouldn’t be too downbeat though – he came a close second with 38.9% wanting to snog him and  39.2% wanting to march him down the aisle.

The respondents also said that – out of the all party leaders – Brown is the one they would least like to meet their own mothers or have as a godparent to their child.

And if there was a natural disaster the Labour chief is the last person they would want with them in the event of a earthquake, flood or volcanic eruption!

Siobhan added: “Nick Clegg’s fresh good looks seem to be a real hit with mums. He’s by far the leader they’d most like to share a cheeky snog with, while also someone with whom they wouldn’t mind settling down.

“But if anything – God forbid - happened to their kids, it would be David Cameron they’d rather have as their children’s guardian.

“Poor Gordon shouldn’t be too glum, though. While he doesn’t make mums go weak at the knees, they still think he’d make a spirited and entertaining dinner companion.”

The new poll comes weeks after we revealed how Gordon Brown ordered campaigners to woo women under 40 in 100 battleground seats.

Labour strategists have dubbed the 400,000 target voters "Take a Break woman" after the popular household magazine.

Additional reporting by Adam Thorn

In the 2005 election, Netmums backed LABOUR by an overwhelming 34.8 per cent against just 15.9 per cent for the Tories.



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