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Downing Tweet: The week on Twitter

Mike Fabricant - Conservative   How many have caught the Linchfield cold? Certainly the Lib-Dem candidate and me. Who gave it to whom? Germ warfare? Pass the Sudafed

Graeme Littlejohn – Lib Dem
  I actually like the Monster Raving Loony party's policy of introducing 99p coins, is that wrong?  

Willie Rennie – Lib Dem
  Met a lively group of children from Crossford primary school out collecting slugs & worms - no comparisons with politicians please.   Robert Halfon – Conservative   B.I.G.O.T. What does it mean? Brown is Gone on Thursday.  

Tim Loughton - Conservative
  Last hustings of campaign at East Worthing last night and nobody in the audience had to be called a bigot.  

Gemma Townsend – Conservative
“10 yr old in Lew central says “i can't believe you've met David Cameron, if I had I'd never wash my hand again”  

Duncan Borrowman – Lib Dems   4th debate host Harry Hill. There's only one way to find out... FIGHT! Paddy standing in for Nick, Prezzer for Brun.  



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