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A simply stunning Freedom of Information request today reveals the foul-mouthed way MPs reacted to the new expenses system, IPSA.

One MP repeatedly shouted the strict new regime was an "abortion"during a meeting with officials.

Another hit a staff members' computer and threw paper at him, while a different MP warned she was “going to murder someone” during a training session.

One male MP reduced a volunteer with the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to tears as he was being told how to submit his claims, and another turned up at its offices just to declare that he would “attack” the organisation at every step and to claim that its senior staff were “idiots”.

It has been disclosed that IPSA staff introduced an unofficial football-style system of red and yellow cards to discipline MPs who were rude to them, and put up signs stating that abuse would not be tolerated.

Now IPSA has published logs of 10 “incidents” recorded by staff since the general election, which disclose the full extent of the hostile treatment they have received. However the names of the MPs involved have been – like many of the expenses claims published by Parliament – redacted.

You can see the full document HERE - with all the full expletives!



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