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Guest Blog by Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard

In the run-up to the election, sites such as Netmums were courted by politicians keen to flaunt their family-friendly policies and credentials to voters.  

As David Cameron cuddles his new baby and looks after his wife and family I urge him to think again of the new parents across the UK who make up our membership, many of whom face the constant worry of how to make ends meet with the reality or prospect of redundancies, benefit cuts and VAT rises biting.

At Netmums, I see more and more families with new babies struggling every day.  

I'm not just talking about less money for baby luxuries.  

We're talking about real poverty leading to anxiety and depression at a time that should be so special.

According to today’s IFS analyisis, this is set to get worse, with economists arguing that the coalition budget will hit poor  families hardest.    

It will be the children of Cameron’s new daughter’s generation who bear the brunt of the impact of this enduring struggle, with numerous psychological studies suggesting that parents’ happiness and self-esteem can play a crucial role in their children's wellbeing.  



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