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It was a photo-finish... but Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour party after beating his brother by the slimmest of margins.

He ended up with 50.6 per cent, compared to David's 49.4 per cent.

David Miliband won the majority of votes from MPs and Labour members.

But it was the support of the trade unions which clinched it for the younger Miliband brother.

Ed beat brother David by the narrowest of margins after second, third and fourth preference votes came into play.

Ed Balls was third, Andy Burnham fourth and Diane Abbott last in the ballot of Labour members and trade unionists.

Many will see "Red Ed's" victory as the final nail in the coffin of New Labour.

David was seen as the Blairite candidate, while Ed campaigned on a platform of "turning the page on New Labour" and heavily relied on the support of unions and grassroots activists.

The shadow energy secretary appears to have benefited from a last-minute surge
of support before voting in the postal ballot closed on Wednesday, and was
installed as bookies’ favourite with less than 24 hours to go after trailing
David throughout the four-month contest.

David quickly moved to congratulate his brother, first applauding and then leaning over to give him a hug.

And Ed responded: "David I love you so much as a brother and I have such extraordinary respect for the campaign you ran."

But the long campaign has clearly taken its toll on the brother's relationship.

The Miliband’s mother Marion Kozak was said to have been upset at the way the contest had developed and stayed away from the announcement. Instead she is understood to have visited her sister in New York.


Minutes after the result was announced, Ladbrokes lengthened the odds on Labour winning the next general election. Not the reaction Ed Miliband would have hoped for...



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