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David Cameron exclusive interview
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Ed Miliband edges ahead of bruv in Labour leadership race
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For the Labour Party, their leadership question has been a beauty contest without any beauties. It’s pretty depressing stuff.

No saviour has emerged, no Dr Who-style regeneration of Tony Blair. No star has been born. Plenty stars have faded.

But what started as a five-way contest has become a two-geek race. A battle of brothers. And a choice between head and heart.

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As Deputy Prime Minister, he’s doing a great job. For the Tories. Their poll rating is soaring, while the LibDems are in freefall.
Inside Clegg’s party, the grumbles have started — and talk of a split is growing. The question is who, and what, would remain.
Recent rumours that whisky- haired Charles Kennedy is planning to join Labour, with four other LibDem MPs, had a whiff of truth about them.
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WHEN David Cameron phoned Barack Obama yesterday, he didn’t have to shout. He just had to say where he’d been.
Visiting British troops, soon to be under US command in Afghanistan. A reminder that Britain is America’s most dependable ally.
I’m starting to wonder if Obama cares. Because to listen to his anti-British language, it seems the “special relationship” is dead.
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WHAT is Vince Cable up to? The ballroom dancing, book- flogging, Tory-loathing Lib Dem is on manoeuvres.

Last week, Saint Vince made an audacious power grab, declaring he is running a "department for economic affairs".

He isn’t. But he’d like to. And his game seems to be pushing his luck with a kind of soft, low-level warfare against the coalition.

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LAST week, I went along to a party of new Tory MPs – expecting to find them in a mood of air-punching optimism. How wrong I was.
They were fresh out of a meeting with David Cameron. They’d expected an update about how coalition talks were going.
Instead, Cam had come to stage a coup. He wanted to abolish the group of backbench Tory MPs, then junk some Tory pledges. Over freebie glasses of warm wine, the stunned MPs were trying to work out what was going on. Why was Cam doing this? One new MP said: “It’s like he wants to do deals with the LibDems, but go to war with us.”
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Brown CHARACTER is something you can’t put in a manifesto: you’re either cut out to be Prime Minister or you’re not.

Election campaigns test a politician’s character. Candidates are dragged out of Westminster to meet real people. We see how they react.

And in the last seven days, we’ve seen plenty. Enough to decide which of two contenders we want in No10 next weekend.
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