Britney Spears to adopt Chinese twins

The desperate singer has told friends she's in the final stages of talks with an adoption agency and plans to go ahead with the move very soon.

This latest twist in the Britney saga comes after the recent news that hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE has been given full custody of the children Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James.

My snapper caught Britney, who still has access to the kids, enjoying a precious moment with her boys at her home in LA on Friday.

Friends feel that Britney has decided to adopt the two six-year-old tots from China in a frantic bid to fill the void left by losing her sons to K-Fed.

Britney's bad week got even worse when she was banned from driving with the kids in the car after she ran a red light in Hollywood.

And in another worrying move for the former Pop Princess, I can reveal she is splashing out £25,000 on her OWN funeral.

Apparently, Brit has forked out the cash because she fears her spiralling lifestyle may lead to an early grave.

The grim revelation has friends and family worried that Brit is growing increasingly depressed and that her unhealthy lifestyle is taking its toll.

But pals are baffled at the double whammy surprise.

A source close to Britney told me: "It doesn't seem that Britney has thought this through completely. Adoption and a funeral? The two don't exactly go hand-in-hand.

"Paying for a funeral is a sensible thing to do—but not when you're only 25!

"It's a case of too much, too soon with Britney.

"Not a week goes by without something strange happening to her now. She's doing herself no favours."

If Brit does go through with the adoption, she'll join the club of celeb mums who have done the same, including MADONNA and ANGELINA JOLIE.



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How can this possibly be, when the courts have said she is an unfit mother for her own 2 children?????? This just makes a mockery of the US adoption system. And why is she not trying to sort out her parenting issues with her own children so she can spend some time looking after them?????????? This is just so outrageous....


She has cash she can buy babies. Ever notice how her dogs disappear after a few months? Bit Bit, Lucky (well not very Lucky) and the other one. She gets bored of stuff.

She wants a different style child now, like people buy different style cars she wasnt a different style of child, she has had white and now wants chinese. She will get bored of them to, like people get bored of going to the same restaurant.


does anyone wanna bet me £100 that this never happens? £500??!


This must be a beat up. Surely this is rubbish?

Oh What Now

Wow 25,000 that is a lot of fried chicken for her funeral party ya'll.

Dear Lord, say it aint so...


I can't believe that even American law is that stupid whereby someone is deemed unsuitable to bring up their own kids, but by the way, you can bring up some older foreign kids. It is a known fact that if you adopt children older than 4 that they have memories of being unsettled and can be very difficult children. Definately not the type of child a finicky celebrity should be entitled to attempt to bring up!

Actually i just thought about this a little longer.

China now requires that adoption is by a couple (no more singles as of May 2007), and that each member of the couple has reached at least age 30. Furthermore, if it is a second marriage then the marriage needs to be for at least five years. Applicants must be mentally stable, no criminal convictions and no history of alcohol or drug abuse.

I think Britney fails on just about all the criteri.

houston we have a problem

mario perez hilton stole your story

paul knight

rav, im married to a chinese woman and she is a very cultural woman and the chinese are a very cultural nation, im not sure if she is the right person to adopt any children (given her track record with her own) let alone chinese children.


What a joke, she cant take care of her own kids, let alone someone else's. Get a life Britney.


If you can't have your own kids just go out and buy some....

She can't even pass the home study
not going to happen

Kim Snowden

If this story is true i am absolutely disgusted, saddened and angry that this woman has been allowed to be 'responsible' for another two precious children, she's clearly not in her right mind at the moment, the adoption agency must have been paid a princely sum. It goes to show nothing is sacred, everything can be bought for a price and these poor tots will end up a casualty of this woman's lunacy.


I get tired of reading about this woman everyday. I think it's better for her to clean up her act, find god and herself, take her of her own kids and be a good mother to them. How can she adopt when she can't take care of her own? I thought she was a beautfuil talented singer way back but her motives were always silly and she is getting siller and stupid. Babies are not like clothes for god sake. What did she see in that Kevin? He is a gold digger and a waste of space who runied her life this the same woman who not so long ago sang a song about been stonger she should use that!!!


i think she should sort her self out try and get her kids back if she can but mainly get herself plently of help my kids are my life and always will be no one will get in the way with it my ex tryed to get my kids away from me but i fighted as much as i can and i won he was a loser GET HER HELP i loved her music lets hope she will do it


I'm suprized that you guys really believe this.


this can only happen in america i suppose... her children have been removed from her care because she wasnt that great with them.. and lo and behold a few months later she is "adopting" from china.... what is with these pop stars who feel the need to have the ultimate accesory "adopted child" britney should never be allowed to adopt... she got children of her own she CANT look after
makes you made grrrrrrr


Gotta call BS on this one. Perhaps she WANTS to adopt, and its possible that an unscrupulous agency is taking her application (and money). But she does not meet the requirements to adopt from China. Not gonna happen. Sorry, Brit, this isn't something you can do on a whim because you have money. There are a lot of very thorough background checks involved. (Yes, even in America. Adoption is NOT easy.)
American Adoptive Mother.


Not seeing this as true. China is VERY strict as to requirements of the adopting parents. She doesn't meet any of the standards with the exception of money besides she wouldn't even be able to pass the homestudy that is required first!!


I really get tired of hearing about her. Wish she'd crawl into a hole.


I think that Britney needs to get her act together and fight to try and win back her sons. The US adoption agencies and any other adoption agencies should be put under investigation if they allow Britney Spears to adopt those twin Chinese children. She don't even fully take care of her own two kids and she wouldn't even take good care of those twins either. Her family needs to lock her up in a place where she can get her life straightened out, even if it's against her will.


If this is true, she would be far better off trying to be a good mother to her own two children, instead of adopting.


I find this terribly hard to believe, considering China's harsh reproductive laws: one child per household/family/couple. The only way to have TWO kids is to have twins. Even if the twins are BOTH girls, the chances of a Chinese fam giving up the RARE opp to have TWO kids is right at ZERO. Even though they are KNOWN for killing, selling and otherwise disposing of girl babies -- but TWO? So unpopular are girl babies that the Chinese are NINE MILLION females short for this generation.
Thatsa lotta men not getting any!
War, anyone?


Who EVER said anything about these kids being in China? They are said to be chinese. There are a lot of chinese people in America who have never been to china. In America we do EXTENSIVE background checks and home evaluations before this can occur. If you beleive any of the bologna coming from the media circus around her, your crazy and writing about it is even funnier....adopted american


I guess China found someone to buy all those lead-tainted toys for their children??!! After all, Britney is so irresponsible, it sounds like something she would do.

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