Geri Halliwell's secret singing lessons

A Spice source told me: "Geri doesn't want to come back after all these years and not be ready for it."

Geri has been belting out classic Spice hits like 2 Become 1 for hours at the piano with talented Zoe to strengthen her voice and learn how to perform live again.

Rav_04_10_2The insider added: "There are 22 dates on the tour in London alone so Geri's voice will really be tested."

Last night Zoe told me: "Yes, I have been working with Geri ahead of the tour and will be travelling to LA to help out before it begins."

I can also reveal that the Girls are planning a blockbuster summer finale to their world tour at Wembley Stadium.

I'm told they want to bring the curtain down on their sell-out return with a two-hour spectacular show in the capital next year.

My source added: "It's their dream to play Wembley."

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Aidan Burns

Geri's a trooper and will bring the spice back to the Girls with the LIVE shows. We didn't love her for her voice 1st time round, we loved her for being simply Geri: mad, boisterous, flamboyant, camp, ginger.... a great British eccentric. Love her! xx

Naughty Peter

We also remember her for being highly shagable, which she still is.


Geri has never been the best singer. But then again that's not what she's about as a music intertainer. She brings much more to the music bizz than the likes of Britney Spears and even new phenomenons like Rhiana. She's really smart, over emotional, quite deep yet quite bubbly and funny. It was also no secret she was the biggest driving force behind the Spice Girls so its nice to see the whole lot together. I'm sure she'll be fine on stage again, specially cause she has improved quite a bit since her throat surgery.


Omg! I knew they would play Wembley Stadium, how could they not, plus Geri has never played there. I was thinking, they can't just end without a proper goodbye (I mean end it in some other country). I knew they HAD to come back home, to UK and this is the way.
What a way to end their farewell tour. This is the end Spice fans, enjoy it while you can, I know I will.

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