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my mum says i look like mogli

joyce Gornall

cannot wait to see it again after all these years

karl booth

best disney film ever

bridget davies

my daughter looked like mogli from she was a todler that was her nickname

Peter Stapleton

Just the verry best

anita hooper

Brilliant film. Can't wait to see latest edition.


jungle book is my all time favourite disney film and my grand daughter crawls around the room like mowgli when he's on all fours watching the video.


fantastic film,loved it as a child,now an adult but I would love to win a copy and see the whole film again,also love Baloo as hes lovely :)

Jacqueline Corrie

The best adisney film ever made, great songs!

James Bobbett

one of the greatest classic animated films and now availabe on my very own widescreen.

patricia goddard

can not wait to show to friends children

stephanie hemingway

my 2 year old son has never watched it but i just know that he would love it as he loves all films with animals in. I remember watching it as a child, even my husband hasn't watched it so i think it's about time he had the pleasure

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