Here's Poshy! Victoria Beckham's no 1 fan

And by all accounts her slim figure hasn't gone unnoticed either.

Jack, whose new film The Bucket List is out next month, added: "She's a very firm person. She's in good shape."

Posh—who at 33 is 37 years his junior—met Nicholson when she was desperate to style him for a photo-shoot.

Jack grinned: "Posho! Loved working with her. She was charming, dressed me up nice. She's a lovely gal. I'd work with her anytime,"

But clearly Posh only has eyes for hubby DAVID BECKHAM. I'm told the pair get cosy backstage at the O2 where the Spice Girls are performing. My insider said: "They don't mind sharing a kiss and cuddle."



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kenny livitt

How anyone can describe posh as beautiful is beyond me.Insult to other women to say that. She is less than average in a real world. Her head looks like they were a bit heavy with the forceps at her birth. And dont forget that she is dressed and made up by professionals to look her best. She is a bit of a dog really.


so what if others see Victoria as a beauty? are you jealous? have you ever heard she ridicules anyone, ANYONE, since you started to "care" and read about her? no? that's right. and Victoria does seem prettier than some celebs (i.e Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Jordan - to name some). what most important is her/his heart, and that's what makes beauty lol!

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