Beyonce and Jay-Z's secret wedding

The pair tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony at pal GIORGIO ARMANI's house in Paris last month, in front of family and close friends. All the guests were sworn to secrecy, and Mr and Mrs, erm, Z's publicity people have been emphatically denying rumours that the couple have said I Do.

But I tracked down a guest at the wedding and can finally reveal that it's true.

My source said: "It was a lovely, intimate ceremony and a very emotional wedding.

"They wanted to avoid all the usual fuss and attention that normally follows them everywhere and celebrate with the closest people in their lives. Beyonce, like always, looked absolutely radiant, and couldn't stop smiling.

"The pair of them looked thrilled."

Rap hero Jay-Z, 41, proposed to his bootylicious fiancée, 26, during a romantic luxury holiday in the Mediterranean resort of Cannes, France, in May.

The source said: "It was the wedding they both wanted. After all, they were getting married in the most romantic city in the world."

Congratulations guys.



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I don't believe it first thing Jay Z is not 41 but 37 and he already married


You people are sooo late late!
This news was reported last year. In METRO!


I don't know how true this is but if it is... CONGRATS! Cause this is a couple that could actually make it.

uche agwu

Congratulations Jay-Z, you finally pulled this one off. i thought it was going to be one of those celebrity courtship that was doomed to fail.


This is NOT an "exclusive" report as stated but old news . . . This story surfaced on already. Keep up!


Congratulation to the both of em and i wish them much Happiness and leave your marriage out of the limelight like you did your wedding and it will work

sevda dennis

Actually he is 41 years old..He was born 4 December 1966..Do your calculation first dear...

Whatever happened between the two of them I just hope that they are happy with their lives. ENUFF SAID!


Sharan Nixon


Congrats to the lovely couple. May you have many blessings.


Its about time.. and who cares how old he is.. Just show us the wedding pics.. DAMN IT!! CONGRATS Beyonce & Jay-Z


People focus to much on things that's not important like age,Who cares how old he is.When the good Lord is ready for you he will not pass you by because of your age.


Congrats to the newly wed coupld!!


congrats J&B may God bless your union, nothing else is important!!!


Congratulations !!


My favorite couple finally tied the knot. Congrats!


You are my favorite couple ,love biyonce no more pretty than you ,congratulations guys you done very well you have all the bless from God.



Only Jay knows his age, who are we to argue..and congratulations if they are infact married...people just make up stuff and post it...I love them both but I don't think that marriage will last.

redemptor tibaigana

congrats lov da couple,jabeyonce.


congratulation,am so happy to heard about it,i wish you both the best in life luv frm phoebe


al ways gonna happen 1day wel done jay z soooooo lucky


Wow!!wooooow!!! Its real!!it's wonderfull!!!
I love you two a lot! Congratulations!
You have God's blessings!!!!!!


Awwwwwwwwww I'm mad I didn't get an invite (crying) But I'm so happy for them two AWwwwwwwwwww


you guys are ma favorite, just have fun and i hope to see your first baby soon,i know it is going to be lovely. congratulations with lots love

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