Spice Girl Mel says ta-ta to her tattoos

She'll fork out £10,000 for laser zapping because the images bring back bad memories of old battles with anorexia and depression.

Mel, 34, will start getting rid of them at the end of the Spice Girls reunion tour. But the process could take up to two years—and risk scarring.

I hear having to wear skimpy costumes for the gigs has made her hate the tats, which include a Celtic cross on her left arm, a phoenix across her shoulders and the word ‘Angel' on her midriff.

She also has a flower on her lower back, small star on her right hand, Thai writing meaning ‘love' and ‘happiness' on her wrists, and a dragon on her right calf.

A Spice insider revealed: "Mel is determined to have her tattoos removed as soon as the tour is over because they remind her of all her unhappy times.

"It's going to be a massive job and very painful but she thinks it's worth it.

"Having to parade around the stage every night in tiny costumes has encouraged her to make the decision."

Last year Mel admitted she regretted her body art.

She said: "They look nice when you're toned and tanned but when I put on weight they looked awful."

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Haroon Memi

should of thought of it before! what she gonna look like when she's 70 :)


The one that says angel looks more like it spells ugly!
Good luck to you Mel, I hope they come off.

Kelly Khoo

Get rid of the one with the Chinese characters. Presumably, they were meant to say 'Girl Power', except that they don't. The characters have been translated way too literally.


It's getting so old fashioned and boring seeing chicks with tats above their butts serving pizzas


She might start a new trend. maybe the laser clinics will become as busy as the tattoo parlours used to be.

...and if you think her tattoos are bad...spare a thought for the likes of poor old Robbie Williams, who had monstrous tattoos crawling around half his body and up his neck...bit like those old 'love hate' tattoos on the knuckles in the 70's...what seemed like a good idea at the time...all seems rather depressing now


Thank god those horrid tats are starting to become unfashionable. Tats for me will always scream very, very working class - they just remind me of sailors and fat, old men. They are a true eye-sore. Go for it girl! Shame all those stupid young girls copied the fashion and will also regret having theirs, but can they pay for the expensive laser treatment? No, I thought not.


Whoa, so anti-tatt! Miaow!! Why? Some are great, I love my one (in my forties, not done on a whim) but less is more I think, and originality is always nice. Ease up, some of us like body art! And to associate it with being cheap is SO narrow-minded and old fashioned! Good body art and the faciities it requires is not cheap nor should it be.


Well never had one! ozzy said more unquiw without one!!

Yet i think mel's tatoos are great! LOOK BETTER THAN ANY SCARS! i would done a couple if could cope with the pain. Yet tatoos used to be for life, now removable!! Bring back sweet stick on ones!!

What does the chinese writting actually say I WONDER??


Why the big deal ? She wont be the last person or is the first to want to have her tatts removed .

David Smith

' .. what a dog - should have the word 'freak' emblazoned on her face and as for the stupid j erks who think that the tattoo's look good - just wait till you are old and shriveled - you will look appalling .. (freak)


Does her house have wheels?

kenny livitt

Congratulations to the talented one for getting rid of the tats. No doubt about it, whatever trendy artwork or however nice it looks new, they look terrible in a year or so, even worse on women.

Mel C

You should not get rid of the cross one because I think it is really cool and it is your own induviaul tatoo!!!!!

I DONT AGREE WITH HER GETTING RID OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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