Michael Jackson launches £30m comeback tour

He has been working with Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am and rapper 50 Cent. A source close to Jacko said: "Michael will be back on stage soon. He's been working hard in the studio mixing tracks and getting his vocals back in shape."

It is 25 years since Jacko, 49, released his biggest-selling album Thriller. Recently his career has been in decline as he battles crippling debt and controversy surrounding his private life.

His £750million fortune has dwindled and he is £80million in debt through mounting loans and lawsuits. In 2005 he was cleared of 10 child abuse charges but amassed a £15 million legal bill.

And his 2,700-acre Neverland ranch could still be repossessed after he failed to pay back a £12 million loan in October.

The source added: "Michael's had a tough few years. But he's still a pop legend and wants people to remember him for his music, not his problems."



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It's good to hear that Michael is coming back. I just hope that his come back concert will help him pay all of his debt. God Bess him.

Ben S

Michael Jackson £80 million in debt, that's not true.

Michael Jackson still makes millions without having to record music and tour. He still owns 50% of Sony/ATV publishing company, plus he still owns 100% of his MiJac Music publishing company that owns his own songs and songs by other artists.

The story of Michael playing a series of concerts at the O2 is a month old, so it's still just a rumor. I'd prefer Michael to play at the will the O2, but it's more likely that he's choose the new Wembley Statdium as Michael likes to do everything on such a large scale.

I'm sure Michael Jackson's comeback will be a huge success, and at last people will see once again that Michael Jackson is a genius and the King of Pop.


I look forward to it - MJ is the best living entertainer by a long shot.

Long Live The KING!!!!!


I think it’s great that michael will tour again… but being an American MJ fan… I have to say.. I’m REALLY upset that he isn’t going to tour over here. It’s been since 1989. I’m not going to be able to make it across seas to see him live.

Great news! Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer alive, and it would be fantastic to get the opportunity to witness him in concert.


Why cant he perform like... 15 at Wembley 02 and 15 and Madison Square Garden? Jacko's MAJOR comeback problem would be solved if he toured the US again!


Man, he may have (or has had) some issues but hes still a friggen legend. Its good he is finally going back to his roots - making GREAT music.

Antoine Marionette

Michael Jackson is a very rich man. He has owned the entire Beatles catalogue since 1985 as well as most of Elvis and he remains a brilliant business man. And yet I always read about him being broke, being homeless and all sorts of utter nonsense that anyone can easily research and know to be completely false. After what the American media did to him during the trial, I can understand him not wanting to perform in the US, and I personally wish he would leave the country permanently, for his own safety. But I'll fly to London in a heartbeat if I manage to get a ticket and I live in far away Hawaii. He is an artistic genius to whom none can compare.

Alex Fraser

Maybe Gary Glitter can be the support act


Michael is an amazing, kind and caring person. I will wait for something offical before getting exitied. Whatever he chooses to do, as long as he's happy, that's all the people who really love and care about him want.
Please people don't belive the lies, he's a very good, kind, beautiful man, who has done more to help others then people will ever know. Judge him by his lyrics, words from his mouth, not from those who want to destroy him.
Keep The Faith


Brilliant news! Michael Jackson is in a class of his own! I was at Wembley for the History Tour. Was the best concert ever! Just pray I can get tickets for this one.


not being rude, but having 30 dates in england gives me a better chance at getting tickets, sorry usa :P

in all serious-ness though, i had got to the point thinking that i wouldnt ever get to see him live... this now gives me a glimmer of hope...

i saw this rumor on the web a few weeks ago... n e one know where it originated from?

Michael Jackson is a true born performer, innovator and world class towering talent. It's fantastic news to hear that he will be performing at the 02.

Despite his ever flakey mental health over the years I am still awe struck by his performaces and what he has achieved in the music industry. I would love to have the opportunity to see him perform his back catalogue of timeless classics and am really excited about this!


Michael Jackson is the true King of Pop.
Would be great if he went back on stage.
And honestly, how can he be broke??


Why can't he do 30 dates in the US at MSG and 30 dates at the O2 arena?
Because he isn't physically fit.
I saw him at the world music awards in London and it was so surreal but to see him perform live would be great. However, I very much doubt that he will sing live or even perform at a level he used to unless he does a few dates.
P.S. 60 dates would be 60 million quid ($120 million) Debt solved!

Claire Millington

OH MY GOD! i have just become one of the happiest peeps alive i love Michael Jackson and am far too young to have seen him perform in "the days" need to keep us posted on dates etc thanx


How can you all be so naive? To those of you saying he is a wonderful, kind person blah blah - how the hell do you know?! He is a very troubled man and it would be best for everyone, himself included, if he just went away. He released some great music in the past but it's all over now. Let it go.


i jst bought my tickets WOOOOO cnt wait. I LUV MICHAEL JACKSON LOADS HES AMAZIN!!!


Cool Disgusted, where did you get ur tickets from, I would love 2 tickets for my Kids


You have got to be kidding....all of these posts are either made up, or MJ could actually sell 10 tickets.
No way...unless these posters are thirteen!


I have been a huge fan since i can possibly remember... i have his eyes off the dangerous album tattoed on my back!!

its always been a dream of mine to see him n i wud give me life too... i am from wales and to hear michael is coming to the uk has made my life!

i was always too young to go plus i have fears of crossing the uk border haha

i seen you can get tickets on elitesportsandtours.com they say the dates are in july so how true it is i dont know yet...

just have to wait for more info



Well Done MJ you are the greatest


Omg!!!!!!! i'm Sorry iF I "Sound" Like a "Hater" but........WTF???? Why Cant he Come to the U.S??? That Makes me so upset I Mean Sheesh! I'm a Huge Michael Jackson Fan and I'm only 19 sooo....I've never gotten the chance to see him live...I mean duh I was either waaay to young or not even born yet. Gosh I'm Pissed! I've been waiting for this huge come back and to hear that hes not even gonna perform here in the U.S. really upsets me...Hopefully it will be taped and it will air on HBO or something...



hey disgusted! where did u buy ur tickets from? i am up and ready to buy a ticket to the concert but when is it going to be confirmed? i check everyday to see if its official yet! itll be a dream come true..ive been dreaming of watching michael in real life since i was a kid!!!

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