Pete Doherty launches 'Free Blake' campaign


By Rav Singh

AMY WINEHOUSE's junkie hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL wants an implant fitted to beat his heroin addiction—just like his new pal PETE DOHERTY.

I can reveal that Blake has been speaking to BABYSHAMBLES rocker Pete for advice about the opiate-suppressing device. And the singer, who had the same implant fitted two years ago, is now determined to help Blake with his demons.

He's even started up a campaign to get his mate out of jail, calling it Free Blake For F***'s Sake.

An insider told me: "Pete's been supportive over Blake's drug issues as he knows what he's going through.

"Blake is willing to give the implant a go."

Amy's man has consulted doctors at Pentonville prison, where he's awaiting trial on charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and GBH.

I can also reveal that Blake has become a Catholic in another bid to clean up his act.

He's turned to God and I also hear he's wandering the prison, quoting verses from the Bible. A source has told me that Blake prays and chats to the chaplin all the time.

The insider said: "He's obviously a very troubled young man and has found comfort in religion.

"Quite a few people who are inside prison turn to God because they've got nothing else.

"When that metal door slams shut and you're alone with just your thoughts and no drugs, religion is the alternative."

"The pair are in contact through letters, which Blake puts on his cell walls for support. They take pride of place next to notes from Amy.

"Her latest one came after her Grammy success. She wrote how much she missed him while in her dressing room before she did her live satellite show to American."

The insider said: "Blake is willing to give the implant a go. The medical team are now looking at another conultation before fitting the implant.

"The medical team suggested rehab or the implant.

"Blake was allowed to speak to Pete Doherty to discuss what having the implant was like. It was a way of persuading him that he could kick drugs."

Governors at the jail are understood to be keen on the implant plan following his recent health scare after he took contaminated drugs.

The source added: "The prison bosses want action as soon as possible as tget don't want Blake to overdose while he's locked up."



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Katee, USA

Sounds like it's a start. I can't help but wonder when in the world Blake's trial is supposed to start. It seems like he is just being left there indefinitely. In the US, a person has a right to a speedy trial. They can also post bond and be out of jail pending trial. Can anyone explain what is going on here?

Next pm of england

I'm loving the term junkie being thrown about these days fair enough for Blake because he is but why write about some ones boyfriend, know one cares we care about amys music and Petes music, not what their partners are doing, whilst on the subject of pete why don't you write about his music which changed music lovers wether its his iconic music with one of the greatest bands of the 00's or with babyshambles who continue to impress me with their music and comradery much love and peace x

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