Cheryl Cole reverts to maiden name


By Rav Singh

I THINK this is a case of TWEED between the lines for love-rat ASHLEY COLE.

My snap shows a chauffeur waiting for CHERYL at LAX airport—but instead of holding up a card with Cole on it, the message was for Tweedy instead.

So, as well as not wearing her wedding band, Mrs Cole/Ms Tweedy has reverted back to her maiden name.

It's further proof that the GIRLS ALOUD beauty is NOT back with her cheating hubby.

The singer went to see Ash at their home in Surrey in the early hours after The Brits this week. But instead of giving him another chance, Cheryl only popped in to pick up some clothes before dashing off and leaving the Chelsea defender on his tod.

And 48 hours after that, she jetted off to LA to finish work on Passions, a series of docos the Girls—NADINE COYLE, SARAH HARDING, NICOLA ROBERTS, and KIMBERLEY WALSH —are working on.

Last night a friend told me: "Cheryl still doesn't know. It still hangs in the balance as to whether she'll take Ash back.

"The girls all agree that she should just give him the boot. Cheryl's really left Ashley sweating buckets over things."



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Serves her right for beating people up in toilets! Can't stand the woman!

anne houareau

When did she ever someone up in a toilet?
Good grief.

Jess x

Poor Cheryl Bless her. I Support her all the way. Shes ace and i think she should get rid of ashley but its her dession. But what i dont get is. Shes been nomianated sexiest woman on the earth. Because shes gawjuss and why could he go and have an affair when hes got HER.



I think she's playing the media & press - will she? won't she - at the end of the day she'll do what makes her the most money - especially the magazine deals forthcoming - celebs have no morales or self respect


she beat someone up in the toilets of a club a few years back!serves her right for all this!!
She is always gobbin off about other people-lilly allen charlotte church etc-so she can eat her own words now,might make her grow up a bit!!!!!!!!

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