Prince crippled by sexy dancing


By Georgina Dickinson

Pop legend Prince is having a secret HIP REPLACEMENT at the age of just 49—after being crippled by years of sexy dancing.

The pint-sized US star would develop a severe limp and have to use a WALKING STICK without surgery.

So he is booking himself into a private hospital. Aides are keeping his diary clear for two months to recover—but they're not letting on why he cannot work in that time.

During the two-hour op—more common for OAPs—the Purple Rain singer will have the ball and socket of his damaged hip taken out and titanium replacements cemented in.

A source said: "For months Prince has complained of pain every time he moves.

"He is totally crushed as he knows he will never be the same again."

News of the World GP Dr Hilary Jones said: "The op won't stop him dancing. But if he does anything too vigorous—for example the splits—the new joint may become displaced."



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Prince is a Jehovah's witness so he has to do this without a blood transufions, which is forbiden by God's law.

Sue Thomas

Prince is entering my age bracket now & these things do happen to us. I've always admired him as a performer and person. I wish him a fast and full recovery and hope he's back on stage soon.


Why insult Prince when he is about to undergo surgery? There's nothing wrong with dancing and how big you are makes no difference either. Prince is one of the most talented singer/songwriter/muscians and dancers in the world. Shame on you for disrespecting him so.

Darryle Sanchez

Truly great singers don't HAVE to dance...Pavarotti, Sinatra, Crosby, Willie, Nana Mouscouri, ABBA, Caruso, Iglasias (Julio, not the kids), etc etc...they just SANG!


I just had a total hip replacement 2 months ago and it turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. I wish I hadnt lived so long with the pain. He wont regret it, but he will find his movement somewhat affected--a very small price to pay for NO PAIN AT ALL!


God Bless Prince. He gives much joy with his music.

I wish him well, and hope he recovers soon.

That Guy in Tainan

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the music.
Eat spinach...high in usable calcium.

Dave Barnes

Why a "hip replacement" and not a "hip resurfacing"?
At his age, I would think that hip resurfacing would make much more sense.


Good luck Prince! I hope all goes well, and I have appreciated and enjoyed your music and musical abilities. [My mother had hip-replacement, and she does quite well, aside from a body ravaged by arthritis]
You'll do just fine.


It's not so much the dancing, but the fact that he dances in high heels. I love Prince, but let's be realistic here.


maybe this will make him even more hip....?


Hopefully he is getting the 2 incision hip replacement, No precautions following procedure.


Article says new ball & socket so that is "resurfacing". I had resurfacing 5/2/07. Have more "range of motion" than ever. Anybody who is accepting "pain limitation" need to go ahead and get resurfacing.


I, too, am 49, and went through the same procedure just last year because of side affects from long term immunosupression therapy from 4 kidney transplants. I am a HUGE fan of Prince; always have been; and feel a special kinship with him both because of my age and size (I'm also 5' tall)! I wish him all the luck in the world and will keep him in my prayers for a speedy recovery!


Get better soon Prince and please come to Pittsburgh sometime! I can't seem to make it to Vegas and I always wanted to see you! Still lovin you!

Frank Moorman

Keep playing Prince! Just don't do the splits!


Prince... Before you do your surgery please try ACUPUNCTURE. I am an acupuncturist and can tell you I have saved several patients from this exact surgery. You must give this a try before undergoing an irreversable procedure that could make you worse. I hope you give this a try. Good luck.


There is always a price to pay when pushing the limits in anything and dancing is no exception. Often much is gained by doing so, but the future can not be predicted so it is always a gamble for the short term benifits. I hope Prince survives with no problems, but he should take it easy until he gets used to the new hip.

David from San Diego

God bless him. I hope he gets a great result and is good as new. I am about his age, and I really admire him, his music, and the way he outsmarted that record company with: "The artist formerly known as prince." Brilliant!

diane pigott

Prayers for Prince. If he never danced again, he is still a beautiful person, and an awesome singer. It is whats on the inside of us that counts and our Faith that sustains us. Much love to him


Prince, my very best of wishes and I will pray for your fast recovery. You have already contributed so much to humanity - thanks.


I have had both replaces using the same technology and was walking the same day as the operation, driving in two weeks and no cane in a month. New technology doesn't cut a muscle and recovery is quick.


I thought he was already dead.
Wow. You go on and strut now, boy.

Shop Femina

I wish Prince a speedy and safe recovery. I have been a fan of this genious for years and have seen him perform three times.

Love for One Another

Wow, what a sign of a GREATARTIST to get all this Love! God Bless You Prince and praying for a Speedy Recovery for You!!! You are THE MAN!!!

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