Who's crying on Victoria Beckham's shoulder?


By Rav Singh

HEARTBROKEN CHERYL COLE is crying on the shoulder of fellow WAG VICTORIA BECKHAM after her marriage crisis.

I can reveal the distraught Girls Aloud star phoned Posh TWICE this week following revelations her footballer hubby ASHLEY was a love rat.

Cheryl, 24, walked out on him after more sordid details of his cheating emerged.

Hot pics of Vic & Cheryl together after the jump.


Last week we told how she vowed to stand by her man despite his drunken night of shame with blonde hairdresser AIMEE WALTON.

But further reports of a fling with glamour model BROOKE HEALEY and him chasing Page 3 beauty JAKKI DEGG after marrying Cheryl have ended that.

She's desperate for advice on how to cope with the betrayal and knows Posh has also come through a rocky patch with DAVID BECKHAM.


The two became pals on the WAGs circuit and Cheryl knew she could rely on Posh for advice.

And today I can share with you her four-point plan to get back on track (above).

The Spice Girl told Cheryl: "Get your HAIR done, put on some MAKE-UP, treat yourself to a POSH FROCK then BRAVE the world."


I'm told: "Victoria has strong views on this situation but feels she's in a good position to help Cheryl through it.

"She told her she has to be honest with herself and if she believes she can save the marriage to do everything to make that happen.

"She was clear that Cheryl should not bury herself away. She told her to get her hair done, put on some expensive make-up and buy an amazing new outfit to get out and face the world."


It's going to be tough for Cheryl who had a dramatic showdown with Ashley on the phone on Wednesday night. She sobbed: "I can't go on—give me a reason to stay with you."

Ashley replied: "Because I love you. It was a mistake. I was drunk."

Cheryl's so stressed that her hair has even begun to fall out. My source went on: "She's hardly eating anything either. She feels so betrayed. She's a broken woman."

But I gather her Girls Aloud bandmates want her to dump Ashley. My source added: "They think she'll be better off without him.

Victoria's advice is opposite to the girls. It'll be interesting to see whose she takes."




Your comments


Chez you are a strong minded and willed person so just divorce him before things get out of hand


Sorry but who gives a rats **** - there are more important things going on in the world.

Cheat on club - Cheat on wife. Once a cheat always a cheat.


Hope Cheryl dumps the loser. She's so much better off without him.

Posh would be lost without brand Beckham. She likely stayed with him for the money, brand and fame. Cheryl has all of that without CAshley.

James Winstanley

Yep, once a cheat always a cheat, cheated on his Club that "he loved" cheated on his wife that "he loved" blokes a losers....


I think Cheryl should stay with Ashley, Im sure he is innocent all these girls who sell stories should not get paid!

I wonder if the papers would have anything to write!


yes get rid just because hes a footballer and has money some think they can have anybody never get involved with a fooballer


get rid cheryl there seem to be alot of storys about footballers at the minute there all numbers just like us difference is they have money and think there different. he will do it again and again you deserve better

J Gouldie

Cheryl should listen to her groupmates and not Posh Spice who clearly puts fame and fortune above love and respect.
The womans a media Ho with no talent and a terrible example to follow


Cheryl should hold on very tight to her man.Two wrongs does not make a right. Yah, Ashley betrayed her but i am sure he has lean`t a very great lesson from this.99% of men does this at one time or the other in our life.


dont listen 2 any one else only you can decide what to do just be happy; ashley as got alot to prove to you and to other people he will always be watched no matter what he does storys will always be their true or not leopards can change their spots itf they truly love sumone.


My man cheated on a drunken lads w/end in Spain, with a slapper he met in a bar, I found out from his mobile phone when he returned they still texted each other. I confronted him and he begged forgiveness, said he couldn't remember much about what happened as he was so drunk. But he was secretly texting her, I found out after he disappeared one weekend, he said why can't a man love 2 women? I kicked him out of my house, but 2 years on I still love him and will never trust a man ever again. Things will never be the same, the magic disappears and you will be heartbroken, something you never get over. Once a cheat always a cheat, dump him, men have to know that they cannot have their cake and eat it.

Mary, Malta

Only Cheryl can decide what to do. If she can brave it out - if she loves him enough to tough out the jibes and take him back - then she will have a fight on her hands all her life, but it might be worth it for her. Personally I detest the man and think he has not done a thing for Chelsea.


Cheryl only you can decide whether u can forgive him for putting your health at risk by going with these other women and not using protection. How can u trust someone who had so little regard for you just because he was drunk. U have to ask yourself would he forgive u if the boot was on the other foot? Good luck but u will only have heartache if u stay wondering what he is up to when u aint with him. I personally think with what has gone on u will ultimately make each others lives hell as the trust has gone.


listen to the girls in the band. They know you better than hoyty toyty Beckham. She should have ditched Beckham too....but she was desperate for recognition....you`ve already got that Cheryl. Head up high and enjoy life, you wont be alone for long.


the situation between Victoria+David and Cheryl+Ashley is much different actually. first of all, Victoria+David has been married for 5 years and they already had 2 kids between them when the scandal happened. so, naturally..Victoria will think first of all about her sons! maybe that's why she decided to stay with David..and probably because her love for David was still going strong at the time..and the scandal against David has never been proved (those ******* even got paid for their stories! WTF!). either way..their kids played a very important role. while for Cheryl+Ashley...they have no kids. only love and trust stand between them. for this..i'll take Victoria's advice - Cheryl has to ask herself whether she still love Ashley so much, whether she can live without Ashley, and to consider Ashley's reasons too (if this is the first time Ashley cheated on her). i hope Cheryl won't make decision that she'll regret later.

pizza hut

yes dump him,he had cheated on you and will do it again just like my husband do that to me for 11years and i have 4 kids and i put my kids first so i dump him and my life is much better and more relax without worry what he up to?. you are beaufiul and you can get any man who will respect you.


Cheryl you are much stronger than Victoria Beckham. She desperately needs David because she knows without him she is nothing but a has been pop star who's microphone was always turned down and never had any solo parts anyway! The world knows he was with Rebecca Loos, even Victoria Beckham yet they put on a front and try to pretend it never happened. She now lives in a world wondering when it will happen again. Don't take counsel from walk-overs and weak people - turn to your strong friends who have your best interests at heart - your confidence, your self-esteem and self-respect. If you stick with this guy, these will all falter. Unlike VB, you are talented, young, strong and beautiful and once a man has done this to you once, and you forgive him it makes it easier for them to do it again. I have been on the receiving end of this with different men and in the beginning it is all tears and 'i love you's, it won't happen again' but if they are built that way then it is only a matter of time. And do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering 'where is he' and 'what is he up to', wondering when the next Sunday broadsheet is going to print details of your private life? No, go forth and conquer you will find someone who truly deserves you x


cole has them shifty eyes and he sure hasnt an ounce of honour!
Not for the clubs that made him or a wife that loves him
PURE shiftyness through and through


Cheryl - if he'd been sober, would you really be in this predicament ? Deal with the REAL issues. No change, No chance. From now on would he be happy ''checking in'' so to speak, then you just may become his mother not his wife. I respected my husband long before I loved him. That alone stops any stupid drunken behaviour. Good luck !!


She should walk, Cheryl has everything going for her i wish i had that much going for me when my partner cheated on me three times i would of been long gone, and it doesn't work when you stay things may seem ok for years but one day that resentment comes back to haunt you, it did me, me and my partner ended up having a child and after i had my son those feelings of resentment and betrayal came flooding back, now i am stuck and very unhappy GET OUT now Cheryl.

Robbie Paris

Its ridiculous the way people use this to attack Victoria, nobody knows what happened or what victoria went through, your all just annoyed that she didnt air it in public.
As for Cheryl, nobody knows if she has been in contact with Victoria, and even if she has, what victoria has said.
Its their lives and they should be free to live it as they see fit.
As for victoria staying for david for fame and because she's not very strong, what rubbish, she is more famous for being in the fashion industry, nothing to do with David!! and staying with him if the affair did happen makes her stronger if you ask me, she deeply loves her husband and the father to her three children.

Clare Wales

Get rid. He'll do it again...........and again.............and again.

By then you'll have three kids and there will be no way out.

Listen to your friends. Not Posh.

I can only gather that you are taking advice from Posh because you secretly want to stay with him.



She deserves everythings she gets,i find the whole thing funny.

What goes around comes around.

When you start slapping defenceless women in the toilets, you derseved to be humilated in front of the nation.

She is bitchy,feisty,and not very bright,
She needs Ashley, Ashley dont need her!

He has millions,she has couple thousands.

She's just a money Monkey.
No sympathy for a Dumb *****.

janet dennis

Cheryl this is a difficult one that only you, deep down inside, will know what to do. Yes, take advice from Victoria and your Girls Aloud band mates, but then take some time out and pamper yourself and then search your heart - give yourself time and space - after which you'll know what to do. Good luck!


Sorry Cheryl but this is all your fault. You should have known what you were in for when you married this loser. Now face the music and dump him in the process.

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