Orlando Bloom 'like an animal' with Madonna


By Rav Singh

I CAN reveal that randy ORLANDO BLOOM was the biggest winner of Oscar night this week.

The partying Pirates Of The Caribbean star enjoyed a steamy dance with MADONNA before snogging both DEMI MOORE’s daughter RUMER and photographer AMANDA DE CADENET.

"He had his hands everywhere and was not showing any restraint..."

The British actor dirty danced with the Queen of Pop in front of stunned guests like TOM CRUISE, KATIE HOLMES, DEMI MOORE and CAMERON DIAZ at a glitzy post-ceremony bash in Hollywood Hills.

At one point on the dance floor, Lord Of The Swings Orlando nestled his head into Madge’s neck and rubbed his hands all over her body—luckily for Bloom, her hubby GUY RITCHIE was not at the bash.

A partygoer told me: “Orlando was like an animal. He was all over Madonna and loving the attention. He had his hands everywhere and was not showing any restraint.

“He nestled his head in her neck and was whispering in her ear. They were getting so close. If Guy Ritchie was there, he would not have been impressed.”

But it seems one woman wasn’t enough for Orlando.

After his boogy stint with Madonna, the 31-year-old moved on to Rumer, 19.

The source added: “She was loving the attention. They were dancing close and there was definitely chemistry between them. Orlando couldn’t keep his hands to himself, touching and kissing her.

“Soon after he did the same with Amanda. It was just hilarious.”

The MC for the night, P DIDDY, also saw the funny side, calling out: “Orlando Bloom—how many girls you gonna kiss tonight?”



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Tom Spring

Can you blame him!!!


Those are 3 ugly women. He must have been drunk.


IS this true... sounds like a Rumer!


Why are there never any pictures when he's reportedly "acting like an animal" and "had his hands all over her"? Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Rumer Willis, now Madonna. Of course, there's never any reported complaint from any of these women either!


Emilio, that's exactly what I'd like to know! And I agree with whoever said that those three women are ugly. Especially Rumer Willis, she looks like a semi-female version of her father. And that's definitely not a good thing.


OMG! What is HAPPENING to him? Has he lost his MIND?

J. (Viri) Miller

It appears to me that he is trying to escape a lot of pain in his life...I can see it in his soul. Please be careful Mr.Bloom-you are too beautiful a soul to let go your path in life. Viri


Bad taste in woman, but hey when you drunk you become needy, so i guess the man did what he needed to do.....go Orlando......


They are all ugly! They are either too old, or look like a man! May be he felt sorry for them. But to go that far, he would of had to of been really, hopelessly drunk! That's the only way!

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