Angelina Jolie's twins rushed from hospital

ANGELINA JOLIE smuggled her $10 million babies out of hospital at 4.30am yesterday, I can reveal.

My French spies tell me the twins were whisked out via the kitchen of the posh Lenval clinic near Nice.

They were rushed into a waiting van and driven to Angelina and BRAD PITT'S 35-bedroom Chateau Miraval.

My sources tell me: "It happened as quick as a flash, it was like a military operation."

Just seven days old, and already Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline are experiencing the drama of an A-list existence. And all for the sake of a lucrative magazine deal.



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but the mag deal is for a good cause. Imagine all the 10 million goes to charity. All the best to the Jolie- Pitt


its for charity so no amount is too much - angelina and brad share their good fortune with those who need it and people should respect them for that.

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