Lindsay Lohan's in a spin over girl DJ

I’VE got just one thing to say to LINDSAY LOHAN ...get a room!

My snapper caught LiLo smooching with her DJ girlfriend SAM RONSON in New York this week.

They’ve spent weeks denying their affair but now they can’t get their mitts of each other.

Make up your mind, love!




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What is so wrong in showing affection? Love is freedom of expression.

paul munoz

i don,t really care if shes a lesbian or not....if shes happay then i am happy..good luck lindsay

paul-luv u

B. Farler

If Lindsay & Sam Are Going To Kiss & Hold Hands & Rub Up On Eachother, Why Would They Say That They Arent Together, I Mean Obviously They Are. Just Come Out & Say It.
As Long As They Are Happy, I Am Too!!!!

Camil B.

Mark Ronson is right..They do make a cute couple! i love sam and lindsay together..i think there sweet and their love for one another is totaly genuine.


Get a room? Please, no. Kiss each other already!

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