Picture special - The Mighty Boosh festival

By James Desborough

A Hop Farm in Kent brewed up one of Britain's most unusual yet entertaining festivals on Saturday.
The Mighty Boosh festival featured the magical madness of the comedy show heroes with some of the finest live performers on the circuit.

Around 40,000 people witnessed Boosh heroes Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt's first crack at putting on a day long extravaganza - and it went with flying colours, and a mixture of surreal characters.


Revellers were treated to six hours of outstanding music and comedy sets from stars like The Kills, White Denim, Ross Noble and Frankie Boyle.

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But most fans - many decked out as characters from the BBC2 show - only wanted to savour the 90 minute set from The Boosh Band.

And they didn't let them down.

They had everyone in stiches mixing great ad lib comedy sketches seemlessly, and even funnier unseemlesly, with hits from their show.

It all kicked off with Noel - aka Vince Noir - arriving on a giant pirate ship to the stage, but his nemesis Howard Moon trundled in via a dinghy. From that moment everyone was on board.

As the laughs reined out, so did the music. They knocked out a host of their show hits, including Mutants, Naboolio, Electro Boy and Bouncy Bouncy.

Their energy was awesome, despite the lads appearing a little nervous.

The crowd lapped up everything on offer, loving short skits from other characters including Naboo, Bollo, Bob Fossil, The Moon and Old Gregg.

Even newbies to Boosh's parrallel universe were bopping away to the tunes as mayhem filled the stage - check out the pictures of the nipple squeezing funk.!?

The great news they got was that the Boosh is getting bigger.Promoter Vince Power confirmed the festival will return next summer, Noel and Julian plan an album of their hits and are close to landing a film deal.

Other highlights at the sun filled frolic included Gary Numan's effervescent performance and The Charlatans - who were on top form.

Jarvis Cocker's DJ set went down a storm, while White Denim's reputation is growing day by day.
Don's miss it next year - it will be bigger, bolder and barmier.



Your comments

Andrea Lary

I would have to totally disagree that the festival was of any success. Having paid for a 'comedy' festival I was outraged to have to que for a ridiculously small comedy tent with examples of very good, and VERY bad acts. A one-in-one-out system should only apply to festival toilets not a comedy tent!
It was hugely over-priced and considering the event was hosted by the Boosh, they only just redeemed themselves in the last two hours.

Ross Noble was amazing and the Boosh band did as well as they had done preiously at events such as The teenage caner trust gig- and as an avid fan I was disapointed that much of the festival had been 'tested' as the teenage cancer trust gig.

They should stick to TV and remember that comedy is at the root of their success.

Lucy O'Brien

We LOVED the Boosh festival, although it was a shame that it was pretty empty, although better for us, short beer queues, clean toilets and ability to get right down the front.
Har Mar was good, although that beer belly close up on the large screen did all of a sudden put me off my £4.50 pie n mash..
We did notice a strange likeness between Gary Numan and Derek Zoolander though....blue steel! ;)

Jane Reid

Strangely no one has mentioned the incredible weather at the Boosh Festival. It was a glorious day while many other places had heavy rain. It was very well organised. There were lots of people there as far as I could see and yet no huge queues for the toilets and no pushing and shoving (until the drunks started as the evening wore on - some of whom were there for a good night rather than the Boosh). My only qualm was that the comedy tent was small and many had to sit outside it to listen, plus you had to choose between seeing your favourite bands or seeing your favourite comedians at the same time, with either the comedy tent or the big stage. But it was amazing and I think they did really well. So many people dressed up as Boosh characters and even the smaller children had gone to much effort (and kids were free). A beautiful, sunny day, great stalls, lovely food, clean loos, great performances and stage lighting, good sound and all ending with a lovely firework display. I could not fault it! (though we did have our own transport).

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