Rhys Ifans cosying up to Kills girl

Rhysgirl_box_2 I'VE become sick of seeing RHYS IFANS cowering in shop doorways knocking back booze like a heartbroken puppy.

So praise be to the new love in his life who I predict will get him back on track.

I can reveal funnyman Rhys has been getting cosy with ALISON MOSSHART from THE KILLS, since SIENNA MILLER dumped him a month ago.

The pair got close at Glasto and spent hours locked in deep chats about Rhys' tattered love life.

Rhys_sideA pal of the indie rock chick told me: "There's something special on the cards for Ali and Rhys.

"It's like your typical love story—the person who comforts the heartbroken becomes the Special One."



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